Our Aim

To promote equality and diversity. To protect and improve the welfare and rights of the Inspecting ranks, primarily within the MPS, promoting their skills and development to enhance the efficiency of the MPS


• To engage actively with the service as it affects all federated ranks
• To ensure that sufficient substantive officers from the inspecting ranks are deployed in essential policing roles
• To achieve a better work life balance for members and monitor and enforce as required, the application of policies such as ‘on call’ and ‘public order’
• To ensure compliance with working time regulations; to actively encourage members to record their hours correctly
• To highlight the true extent of the extra responsibilities and workload within each Inspecting role
• To continue to develop the links with other branch boards and key opinion formers, both internally and externally to progress the aims if the Inspectors Branch Board
• To highlight the unique nature of the role performed by Inspecting ranks in the MPS
• To promote the provision of initial and on-going training for Inspecting ranks


• To improve the training and development of our representatives to enable them to best represent our members
• To involve Inspectors Branch Board representatives in Federation based activity which will benefit the members and promote the Board in a positive light
• To endeavour to reach a position whereby every BOCU/OCU has an Inspectors Federation representative including reserve positions and that the Inspectors Branch Board are fully represented in all the appropriate committees and sub-committees
• To ensure all members have access to a Federation representative