Working Time

The IBB is committed to ensuring that our members are not abused by having to work excessive hours. Our members and the Service have a legal obligation not to exceed the Working Time Limit currently set at an average of 48 hours per week over a reference period of 17 weeks. We negotiated with the MPS an SOP which we advise that ALL managers and members which should strictly adhere to. This agreement is reproduced in full at the attached link
Guidance on Working Hours for Inspecting Ranks

Despite this agreement we have evidence of continued abuses by a number of Operational Command Unit (OCU) Commanders, many of these are routinely breaking the law. We regularly challenge the Commissioner to tackle this exploitation as a matter of urgency, and will continue to do so at every opportunity.

We understand that Police work is, never has and never will be an 8 hour a day job. Occasionally operational necessity demands that officers are ‘flexible’ and remain at work until the ‘job is done’, for however long that might be. But being ‘flexible’ is a two way street and officers who have had to work long hours on one day should be given the facility of ‘balancing their hours’ on another when demand permits.

Ultimately we accept and respect the fact that it is an individual’s choice as to how many hours beyond the 40 they are prepared to work each week to get the job done. In our view we face the prospect of reducing numbers of officers in the inspecting ranks without the accompanying loss of work which in simple terms means less officers doing more work.

We have an abundance of anecdotal and empirical data that indicates that a workload previously undertaken by many is now the responsibility of a few. One officer doing 3 roles is, it appears, now a common situation. We would therefore urge all our members for the sake of their health and the wellbeing of their families to take a view as to where they are going to draw their particular ‘line in the sand’ and in doing so say ‘enough is enough’.

Our advice to our members is;

1. Properly record ALL their working hours including periods whilst ‘On-Call’ away from work. This is a legal duty for the individual under the WTR.
2. Routinely check that these are being accurately entered on the appropriate MPS Duties systems. This is a legal duty for the employer under the WTR.
3. Locally challenge any poor recording and/or monitoring procedures
4. Bring any breaches these to our immediate attention via their local representative.

This advice and more is contained within a booklet entitled ‘Exploding the Myths‘ which was distributed to all our members in December 2008.

Another useful document for reference regarding our members compliance with WTRs is WTR advice for IBB members

If you would like a copy please contact our office.